Saturday, May 31, 2008

Cake and a Movie!

This week my husband, Dustin turned 31. He wasn't all that thrilled about it. He was however thrilled about his birthday/father's day present. Owen and I bought him a brand new set of golf clubs. They were well needed. We also baked him a home made cake! I love to cook and do it all the time but I never really make sweets. I had never made a cake before Wednesday so I really had my fingers crossed! However, it turned out great! Owen couldn't really help a lot but he did enjoy eating the mix off of the spoon! It was cute but I had to toss everything into the wash straight away. It was worth it though for such cute photos!
We also had our monthly girls night out. We all went to Heather's house and watched P.S. I love you. It was a bit depressing, when I say a bit I mean a ton! ha! We were passing toilet paper all around the room (we didn't have enough tissue). It was a good movie, not one I would want to watch over and over, just because of the subject matter, but still good. Regardless, the best part was hanging out with a bunch of ladies and no men, no house, no work, and no diapers to change at least for a couple of hours.
The phabulous ladies!!!
Me, Lori and Joy! I threw this in to prove I was there cause I am not in the above photo! haha

Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Party and a Dead Computer!

This past Sunday was the annual Memorial Day Weekend Pool Party! It was a lot of fun swimming and playing. There were many more children there this year than just a couple of years ago. Owen enjoyed the water. It was a bit cold for May here but once he was used to the idea of it, he was all over the place. He was climbing in and out, running off the edge and splashing like a pro.

I sat there thinking about how fast all of our lives have changed. I do miss the mixed drinks, partying into the night, and occasional activities people dare not mention the next day! haha!
Oh well! Running after a toddler maybe not as relaxing or adventurous as those days but way more fun!

On another note, it was discovered today that my computer has a fooping foop foop virus!!!!! Now I am OCD enough to back up my images when I get home from a photoshoot or a wedding but, I have been working on a wedding I shot over a week ago for atleast 20 hours and have yet to backup the edited images!!! FOOP! FOOP! FOOP!

We shall soon see if I have to do ALL that work over again! Keep your fingers crossed!

This may soon be the fate of my computer!!!!!

Latest Computer Update:

Does this bride look peaceful and content???? She should! Why you ask? Cause I have the greatest husband/computer genius that saved her images from the evil Trojan virus!!! WOOOHOOO!
I am still going to have to purchase a new computer but atleast all my work was saved! Thank you to the computer gods!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


This is what happens when you give a 1 year old two Oreo cookies.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Flamingos, Flowers and Fire Ants....

We had a very busy weekend this past week. Friday, Owen and I drove to the Atlanta Zoo to meet up with my friend Kristin. It was super packed with field trip kids and some bigger families! Owen was much more involved this trip and surprisingly enough Kristin had never been to the zoo before in her life! Owen particularly liked the elephants, giraffes, and panda bears. I think his most favorite part of the day was playing on the playground.

He loved being able to get up close!

Owen and his playground buddy driving the school bus!

Playing the drums!

Saturday was filled with waiting rooms and frustrating pharmacy experiences. Owen has had what I thought were bug bites for a few days. I noticed on Friday they looked a little redder and irritated by Saturday morning it was much worse. His entire left hand and right foot were swollen and a large radius of the skin around the bites was bright red! He was also having a great deal of trouble walking on his right foot due to the swelling. I was stuck at home without a car seat and freaking out a little bit. I finally got him to the doctor at 2pm. Apparently Owen had a reaction to the histamine in what the doctor thinks were fire ant bites. We had a whole experience at Rite Aid that I won't get into so in the end I didn't get home until almost 6pm!

These photos were taken after 2 full days of antibiotics....

Once I did finally get home my husband surprised me with a date in Atlanta, we left Owen with reliable people :), I was happy but felt a bit rushed. We had hoped to get by to Jessica's graduation dinner before heading to Atlanta but weren't able to make it (see above story), sorry Jess :(. We had a great time at a very nice restaurant and bar which was well needed for us. We were going to see John Stewart Live but never made it, we opted out for a relaxing environment and martinis. Dustin and I have only been out of the house together without a baby twice in the last 5 months!!! How did that happen?

Dustin and Owen gave me two beautiful cards, flowers and a gift certificate to go shopping...what else does a girl need?

Monday, May 5, 2008

Anybody Out There????

Today for some strange reason I don't feel particularly like blogging but here it goes.....

My life is extremely busy right now with work!!!! I have my own photography business, for those of you that didn't know that, and I am shooting 8 weddings in the months of May and June!! WHAT WAS I THINKING? I also teach art at a small college near my home two days a week. Any of you out there that have ever taught know that the work is always more than your scheduled time, planning, preparing, buying supplies, figuring out how the heck your going to explain the material so that it is understandable and at least a little interesting to your students.

So that is my life right now! Mothering, Homing, Shooting, Teaching.....BUSY!

I feel so overwhelmed I think that it isn't worth taking the time to blog...does anybody really even read this? So, just out of curiosity I want to do what many have done on these blogs before......ROLL CALL! Who is out there?