Saturday, November 1, 2008

New Kids and New Experiences!

On Wednesday night me and several of my girlfriends went to see the New Kids On The Block! We had so much fun. We screamed so much that I don't know how I spoke for the next two days! Many of us that went have been friends since middle school and remember the days of teen beat covered walls, puff paint, jelly shoes, and new kids tunes! It was unreal to be there, this had been the soundtrack to our preteen lives, memories almost forgotten. I was so happy to be there with my girls and can't believe it actually happened.

We were so close it was amazing. When they came down of the center stage you see here I actually touched Donnie and Joey! OMG!

Our new experience for the week was trick or treating! Owen wasn't even a year old last year so we spent the night passing out candy in 2007. This year, however, we went downtown to the fall festival and received candy from the local shops in our community. Owen ate 4 suckers while we were there and would not reliquish the pumpkin filled with candy for anything! It was cute.

My Little Superman!

We also had our family portraits made this morning by Heather! Thanks girl!

So needless to say it has been a crazy busy week with all of that and just our normal lives. Will we slow down? Not yet! We are off to my friend Jessica's tonight for another Halloween bash with the kiddies! Wish us luck!