Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Ok so I had resolved not to get Owen a costume this year. He is only 9 months old and lets face it, he doesn't care one way or the other if he has a costume. But somehow I was in Walmart today and my cart directed me toward the Halloween isle! I couldn't resist. I saw a dozen little pumpkin costumes and one lone spider costume beckoning to me. So here it is. Owen as a spider.

Friday, October 19, 2007

I have been tagged!!

Heatherbean tagged me so here it goes.

Jobs I've Held:

Bank Teller
Gallery Coordinator to a nonprofit gallery
Manager of a profited gallery in Atlanta
Art Teacher of Middle and High School
Business Owner (current) of MyLife Photography
Art Professor at a small college (current)

Places I've Lived:
Griffin, Ga
Statesboro, Ga
Atlanta, Ga
and back to Griffin again
Nowhere fabulous for me either Heather, sigh....

Foods I Love:
Cilantro, I cook with it a lot
Cheese, any kind!!! mmmmmmmmmmm
Black beans
I pretty much will eat anything and I always love to try out new Rachel Ray reciepes!!!

Places I Would Rather Be
Almost anywhere in Europe or some beautiful Beach.

Movies I Love:
Victor Victoria
StarWars (the originals)
Harry Potter (the first 2)
Bridget Jones Diary
I am kind of stuck on this one. I don't get out to the movies much anymore.

TV Shows I Watch:
The entire Buffy series
The entire Angel series too!
Top Chef
Project Runway
Pretty much anything on TLC and Bravo!!
I find myself somehow watching the occasional Maury paternity test show too (sorry to admit that)

Tag You Are It:

I don't really know anyone to tag. I need to make more friends that post blogs...:(

Here is a photo of Owen in his Halloween PJs though...too cute!

Owen..9 months old

Monday, October 15, 2007

Fall Fair Fun!

Me and some of my friends took all our little ones to the state fair in Perry this past weekend. It was a lot of work but a lot of fun. Things have changed so much for all of us in the past 2 years, marriages, babies and more babies!!!! It took us nearly an hour after we got into the fair to get settled in feed all the little ones and begin our site seeing and riding of the not so secure fair contraptions! It was a different kind of fun for me than we all used to have. It was more special and endearing to see all those little faces so mesmerized by the lights and sounds. Life has gotten sweeter and I am looking forward to a little more sugar soon!

Charlie, Chase and our little Owen!

Jessica, Me, Heather and Marlena

Our men and our little men!

Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Big Decisions!

We have been debating for a very long time the option of adoption. I believe we have reached a decision to do it! We received our adoption packet last week and are reading tons of literature on the subject. We are still reading and talking about the different programs available to assist us in this venture. I am excited about the possibilities.

We are hoping to adopt a little girl and begin our paperwork next year. We want Owen, our son, to be near the age of 3years old when she will come home to us.

Names have become a big topic in the house as well: Zoe, Rory, and Dustin's favorite Meg...I am not sold on this yet.

We have also registered with OneCause which is a fund raiser to help us pay the enormous expenses that will rack up with the whole adoption process. We would love for any of you to register with OneCause on our behalf. It is a way for you to shop and also help us with our adoption while also donating a portion of your purchase to the National Adoption Foundation. You must register our email in order to aid in our fund raiser: catherineritchie@bellsouth.net

We are excited about our growing family!