Thursday, December 27, 2007

Crazy Christmas Days!!!

Santa has come!

Christmas this year was great! Exhausting, but great! Owen became interested in the presents once he realized there were toys underneath all that colorful paper. We had a busy couple of days, traveling to visit friends and family and I am still drained from all that occurred. Here are a few photos from Christmas day!

I think Santa left the train more for Daddy than Owen!!! :)

He really loved his Fisher Price toys although it isn't that evident in this photo!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Freaking Out About Finances!

Ok so here it goes, We have nothing really standing in our way of adopting except money. It is expensive! I want to raise $10,000 and think we can swing the rest on our own but that amount seems monstrous to me right now! I have ONECAUSE (SEE TOP RIGHT OF BLOG) and we are planning a big yard sale in the spring, more on that later, and now my newest scheme.......recycling!!!

Yep you heard it right, recycling. I know this is something I should do anyway but this adoption has pushed me over the edge into a huge pit of aluminum. I am collecting cans and going to turn them in for cash. I guess it helps me and the environment at the same time but I must be honest. As I was crushing cans in the cold on the back patio this morning I just felt overwhelmed about all that we will have to pay......HELP!

So if any of my friends want to collect cans at their home I will pick them up, crush them and put the money towards our goal!!!!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Ladies Night Out!

It is often difficult with all the life changes, mainly babies, for all of us to get out. But last night thanks to the organization of Heatherbean we all got a night to ourselves! It felt a bit like old times, if you don't count the phone calls to all the husbands checking on the little ones!!! Haha! We went out to dinner at Moe's, my fav, and then ice skating at Centennial Olympic Park. I was truly terrified and made close friends with the wall. Despite my fear of falling I had a great time! I really appreciate the times I have with my friends and am grateful for these relationships even if I did have to risk my life to hang out with them...:)

Heather, Me and Jennifer

Way to go ladies!

Me and Jessica pretending to be pros, she was much much better than me!

Heather had the task of carrying a little bun so she was our cheerleader on the sidelines.

Friday, December 14, 2007

My Sleepy Boy

I have often heard that there is nothing more beautiful than a sleeping child. I believe this statement to be true. They seem so innocent and pure while they lay there dreaming. I snapped these photos the other day of my little Owen, just thought I would share them.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Family Photo Shoot

Dustin, Me and Owen

This was our first family photo shoot. I don't know how we waited so long to do this, Owen is almost one year old now. My friend Heather took the photos, THANKS girl! Here are a few!

The love of my life!

Owen is a very happy baby. We make jokes about how he is going to be a comedian when he grows up because life is hilarious to him.

This makes me really nervous!!!