Friday, November 16, 2007

A Litte Pick Me Up!

We are at the very beginning stages of adopting. I am reading a ton of literature about trans racial adoption and planning how to deal with the paperwork and finances. In the meantime I often have dreams about us seeing our little girl in person for the first time. I am excited. I think about Owen and his sister playing, us at the park, the zoo, or dancing to the XM Ethel channel in the living room.

Needless to say I have told many about our decision to adopt. I guess I expected people to react in a joyous manner but that is not often the case. People generally respond "oh, yeah I heard about that", "you can't have anymore kids?", "isn't that expensive?" and one actually asked what children from Ethiopia looked liked and once I told her they are African, her response...(long pause)"oh".

But today I went to my old job to drop off a wedding album for a client (she works where I used to teach) and saw many old friends and coworkers. As is often once you start having children the question on everyones mind..."you gonna have any more???" Once I told them about the adoption many of the above responses followed.

However, two of my coworkers were particularly excited for us. They asked about the process, about the children of Ethiopia and talked about Owen becoming a big brother. I told them of some of the other responses I had received and one of these women told me that we were going to bring a little girl into our home and love her. She will be loved and that is what matters and will make us a bigger and more complete family. She said she knows our little girl will be beautiful, just beautiful.

These women I respect and spent a great deal of time with while I was employed there. Their words meant a lot to me.

If they read this I want to say Thank You. It gave me a boost to stay excited and motivated through the very long process that awaits.

I would like to say thank you to Heather and Laura too for all the encouragement.
Your excitement for me from the both of you means a lot.

Now lets start buying cute sun dresses and overalls so that at least my kids will look cute when I am at Walmart in my sweatpants!!! haha


L. said...

I am so glad that you were not discouraged because this journey will change your life and your heart and so will those around you.

I am VERY thankful to have the pleasure to count you amongst friends...!

Laura :)

Heather & Adam said...

Too sweet!
I love this post and I am so glad you are finding encouragement when you need it. It's a long hard road, but a beautiful reward at the end. I am always here when you need a boost.
Love you.

Gypsy said...

Ok, we need to come up with a nice little arsenal of smart-alec comments to respond to these folks with. I am sooooo excited for you guys and can't wait to meet your daughter! Love you guys!

LISA said...

HI, I found your blogspot from someone elses list. We are adopting from ET also.I wish you a wonderful journey! Oh, and Owen is a doll!

Handlyrics said...

People like Heather and Laura are important to have during this journey. Keep people like them close and try not to let the nay-sayers sway you.

keep your head up