Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wedding Weekend!

This past weekend me and my girls went down to Jekyll for a wedding for a woman that is very special to me. My little Lori who's not so little anymore. We had a great time and enjoyed the sights, seafood and the freezing water!! I acutally worked too! I photographed the wedding :)

This picture is how I think of Lori (2004). Me, on the other hand was dressed up for an 80s party so please excuse the makeup and hair! :)

I taught public school as an art teacher for 6 years and one of the greatest connections I made during those years was with Lori, my student. Never did I think seeing her sitting in my classroom paisting and painting that we would become such great friends, peers, and confidants. I love her so much! I do believe that meeting Lori was worth all those days of stress, tears, and begging for art supplies.

This was Lori last Saturday!

I am so happy for the both of you, as I told you "twice" this past weekend! haha! I love the both of you and I am looking forward to the future and being in our 70s while still having our monthly cookouts!

Four girls, one hotel room, one bathroom, causes for extreme closeness! haha! Love you girls!

The view from our room (sunrise).


Joy said...

What a cute pic of you and Lori from back in the day! And who are you kidding? You know that you are always dressed like that! Haha!
I am so happy for Lori and Daniel too.
And I had such fun this weekend with them and y'all. There was definitely some closeness in the room and don't forget about straighteners everywhere! Haha! I love you girls too!

Heather & Adam said...

Lori looks beautiful! I'm glad it went well.

Lori said...

I LOVE you Catherine!
I never thought my teacher would become my great friend either! But I think it was worth high school!

Th wedding pictures are AMAZING! (as always) Thank you OH So much for photographing our wedding! I had the best time with you and everyone at the bar and in the hotel room. You guys made it even more special because you were there to celebrate with us! I love you!