Monday, December 1, 2008

Christmas Time is Here!

It is Christmas time and I love it! I am super excited about it this year. Owen is nearly 2 years old now and I am looking forward to seeing his reactions to all that is "Christmas". I can't wait for Santa to come and watch Owen come into the living room for all that awaits him!

We started our family traditions after we returned from Thanksgiving in Statesboro with my sisters this past week. We always decorate our tree on the Saturday after the turkey holiday. We bake cookies all day and listen to nothing but Christmas music. Owen was very involved this year, it was wonderful.

Dustin making his famous ham for Sunday dinner with the Park family.

The sugar cookies were Owen's favorites!

CB and Nick were here to help.

CB even brought Joy a present....hehe! It was a picture of Obama....funny but not Joy's favorite I am sure.

Our tree is a collection of memories. This one from 1982 that I made as a child.

These candles are atleast 20 years old. They were in my parents home when I was growing up and this year we placed them on Owen's book shelf.

My favorite from my childhood. (The last unicorn)

The finished product of our living room. You can see that I am way ahead on my Christmas shopping! I am not usually one to put things off and I am nearly done with all of my shopping! Yay!
I hope all of my blog readers have a wonderful holiday!


Joy said...

Oooh which present is mine?!?
I mean other than my "favorite" present that I have already opened - haha! Thanks CB!
It looks beautiful as always!

Soon to be Kelly Wall said...

This is amazing. I thought I was ahead on my Christmas shopping. Next year I will give YOU my list and money and send you on your way. Ha!

Catherine said...

Sounds like a plan Kelly!