Sunday, February 8, 2009

Photobooth? Phototag?

Input please!

I have seen a trend going across the wedding world for photobooths at the weddings. Often set up by the photographer. I am thinking of adding this to my services. I set it up in my studio today to try it out. Basically it is a backdrop about 5ft wide and 8ft high with a camera on a tripod and strobe (light). The people control their own photos and use a wireless remote to snap the photo. I think I can figure out a way to tether the camera to a monitor and have the images pop up so that they can be viewed immediatly but may just go on and try it out first without the monitor hook up. I do think people will enjoy it more if the images can be viewed instantly though.....hmmmm. Tricky.

My issues:

it takes up a good amount of space and often I have found that coordinators at weddings sometimes have an issue about photographers invading their space. The overall dimensions would end up being about 5ft x6ftx8ft(high). Too big? takes a few minutes to set up and take down, I would need someone to man the photobooth aka guard the equipment, and then all the extra editing from the images taken. People can take as many images as they want. They don't have to just take one they can take several so that leads to some additional editing time.

Would you want one of these at your wedding? What would you pay for it? I have a price in mind but I would love to hear from all my readers first :)

Here are my trial photos from today. Sorry....I am still in my pjs and without makeup :) oh well!

I am hoping that this would encourage silly, funny photos from all the guests.

Here is my phototag from Heather

The 4th photo in the 4th folder of your pictures

This is me and Big Nick Calhoun, he is famous around these parts and is one of my greatest friends. Nick comes to our house atleast 3 nights a week and it often seems weird and empty if he stays away too long. He is very smart and funny and maybe one day will rule the world. He loves Owen and is like an Uncle to him. He has even babysat him before just so I could go get a pedicure! No joke!

Nick is our: Chuck buddy, Guillotine and Risk opponent, Political dictionary, Philosopher, Playhouse helper, Food critique, and best friend.

I love you Nick!

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Julie said...

I would have LOVED a photo booth at my wedding. I think around 400-600 bucks. We paid way more than that for a 'professional' photographer who got drunk and then held our pictures for ransom. But, then again, we are photo booth people. Not everyone shares our enthusiasm.
P.S You are pretty.And cool.

Heather & Adam said...

That is such a cool idea. I have never heard of it, but from the weddings I have been to, people would love it! I also immediately thought 500 bucks. Go for it, girl! It'll be a hit!

Catherine said...

I was thinking that same price and giving them a seperate online gallery and disc of those images. I need to figure out how to hook it up to a monitor so they can see themselves as soon as the take the photo.

Catherine said...

I also thought about doing an hourly rate. I don't know that it will be necessary to have it up the whole night...what do you think?

Jess Addison said...

I think that is such a good idea! People would love to capture shots like that and considering some of the crazy people I've seen at your wedding the pics could be priceless!

I'm free all summer, too! Let me know if you need help at any weddings!

Miss you guys! xoxo

Soon to be Kelly Wall said...

I priced this. I wanted it sooooo bad I couldn't stand it. I wanted it to be people's party favor of sorts. Prices for photo booths are much higher. Average was $1000. Most come with set up and delivery and a scrapbook and glue stick for people to stick and sign the scrapbook for the bride and groom. This is a fantastic idea and profitable.

Catherine said...

I have found a way to hook it to a monitor for instant viewing! Yay !

I already posted it on my website and two of my brides for March are having the booth at their receptions! I will post some and let yall know how it turnd out!