Monday, October 15, 2007

Fall Fair Fun!

Me and some of my friends took all our little ones to the state fair in Perry this past weekend. It was a lot of work but a lot of fun. Things have changed so much for all of us in the past 2 years, marriages, babies and more babies!!!! It took us nearly an hour after we got into the fair to get settled in feed all the little ones and begin our site seeing and riding of the not so secure fair contraptions! It was a different kind of fun for me than we all used to have. It was more special and endearing to see all those little faces so mesmerized by the lights and sounds. Life has gotten sweeter and I am looking forward to a little more sugar soon!

Charlie, Chase and our little Owen!

Jessica, Me, Heather and Marlena

Our men and our little men!


Heather & Adam said...

Toooo cute! I love the pics. Good thing you aren't a slacker like me who forgets the camera. You are right, things have changed, but it really is fun. A couple of years ago you and I were always talking about wanting a baby. We did it! Now let's have some more! hehe...

Catherine and Dustin said...

I'll have the next one but you can have the MOST! haha!
Maybe we can have one at the same time...maybe?