Friday, January 4, 2008

George W. and New Year's

Here is Owen helping Mommy take down the Christmas tree. It is what he had been hoping to do the entire time it was up and was euphoric now that we were finally ripping all the glittery stuff down! I took photos to remember his first destruction of a Christmas tree. My only regret....why didn't I put him in a different shirt? Now forever when he is 20 showing his girlfriend baby photos from his first Christmas he will see himself in an Anti Bush shirt. Don't get me wrong this household (Daddy especially) is not a Bush fan, thus the shirt, but I didn't really want him to have Christmas photos in it! Stupid me....but I guess it will make for a funny story later in life.


Now on to New Year's Eve.

It was nice, quiet, and I did have some alcohol (which doesn't happen much any more). We had a few friends over for some 7 layer dip, vodka and pyrotechnics. We had a good time talking, drinking, playing games, and setting things on fire.

This New Year's made me a bit sad though.

I must admit that I miss the old days, the single days, the before children days when we all got together for these events and random poker parties. I miss Friday night movies. I miss the old Lot One days where we might be known to do a thing or two we regretted the next morning. :)

Life changes so much after marriage and children and I love my family. I especially love being with Owen every morning to watch Higgly Town Heroes and talking to my Husband while he half listens because he is playing WOW. But even though my life has changed drastically in the past two years I still feel like the old Catherine and the old Catherine misses her old life sometimes and her old friends.

Big Nick and Dustin running for their lives!

Joy, Kristin and Me

Big Nick, Dustin, and CB

Check out that thermometer on the right!!! It is movin' on up!!! Yay! Only $9,900.00 to go! ha!


Jess Addison said...

I noticed your amount is going up, up, up! Woohoo!!

I miss the old days, too! Here's to making the new days even better though!! Loves!

Heather & Adam said...

I am with you on missing sone stuff. We just have to try harder now! Try harder to get together, to fit into old jeans, and to be able to stay up until 2 am. But we still got it!
You are really really helping by getting us all together again next week. I can't wait!
Less than three you!

Moxie said...

Hey Catherine,
Sorry, forgot to publish your comment. I finally did today and repsonded to it.
Hope all is well with you. Carrie