Sunday, February 24, 2008

Cowboys and Jager.....

Joy and Me!

It isn't often that I experience new things anymore. Partly because I have done more in my short life than I would probably like to admit but it is also due to the fact that I don't get out much anymore.

My longtime childhood friend Joy and I were exactly alike growing up together...boy crazy, swapping Sweet Valley High books, listening to New Kids on the Block and Debbie Gibson....but somehow around the age of 17 the two of us ventured down different paths...her country, me rock and roll. Despite our differences in music and men (she is obsessed with guys in cowboy hats with enormous belt buckles) we have remained inseparable.I have always considered myself a little bit artsy and strange, a child of the grunge era. But somehow this past Friday I found myself for the first time ever at a country concert. Yep you read that correctly....COUNTRY!!!

She convinced me to go to Wild Bill's with her to see Chris Cagle in concert. Our closet country girlfriend Kristin met us there. We were right up front full of excitement and Jager!!!! Kristin and Joy sang all the words while I attempted to catch onto the lyrics. We danced the night away, made drunk phone calls to Lori and I swear Chris Cagle waved to me! We screamed and laughed so much some guys beside us got a little freaked out! Needless to say we had a great time! I enjoyed most being with my girlfriends and letting loose. Oh and the music wasn't so bad! ;)

To Joy I would like to say I had a blast and I love you, despite your taste in music ;) Also I really think we should go see Billy Ray in March!!! haha

To Kristin...I miss you. I miss your craziness and wish I could experience it more.

Chris Cagle....Chicks really dig him...or so he says!


Joy said...

Awwww!! I love you so much! And I enjoyed this blog - the memories from our childhood and those from Friday night all came flooding back. The days of Sweet Valley High and NKOTB were great! And Friday night was great too - the boys with their cowboy hats and belt buckles(I can't help but love 'em and they were everywhere) and the jager and the music - it was such a blast!! I am so glad that you went! You know that you are going to be a closet country fan now! And Kristin I agree completely I miss you! So until Billy Ray -haha!

Joy said...

Oh yeah I like the picture of Chris Cagle - only he is wearing the wrong shirt! Haha!!
And you know the chicks dig him, especially Heather!

The Morreys said...

Oh, I am jealous! I'll bet you had a fabulous time--I'm both a rock and a country fan (not the older country), and I love Chris Cagle's music. It sounds like you all had a great time!

Handlyrics said...

Cute story.

Tracy said...

Pot Bellies! You forgot to mention that in your list of Joy's men qualities. LOL