Friday, February 29, 2008

Happy Days......well....sort of.

So Owen is now 13months old. He is in the transition of baby to toddler, if he is not there already and I am just in denial about it. Whatever the case, we began cleaning out his drawers and closet for all the clothes and baby toys that are useless to him now. It was a bit sad to know he isn't that sweet little infant that I loved to hold and kiss. Now he has become this rambunctious little boy that loves to give hugs and kisses as if it is a pit stop from his high speed playtime. I am excited however at the possibilities his toddler years bring. We are looking forward to lots of activities with him this summer that weren't possible last year.

Today signified an end to one stage of Owen's life and the beginning of another. A little sad yet a little exciting.

Owen in the midst of the mess.

OK, He looks a bit tired of cleaning.....or perhaps he is holding the Sneetch captive for more vanilla wafers.

We really needed more compartments. I didn't realize how much stuff we needed to pack up. There were also about 4 other bags in the garage I had bagged up last week....geez!


Jess Addison said...

I can't believe how fast time goes by! Here's to a fun summer at the pool with our boys!!

Catherine and Dustin said...


Here is to Margaritas with a splash of chlorine and a side of arm floaties!!!!

Joy said...

Aww! Owen looks so cute playing in the basket!
At least he is a toddler now and not a teenager! See something to be thankful for!! :)
And he is going to be so much fun this summer - I can't wait!

Handlyrics said...

He is too cute.

Heather & Adam said...

Look at you guys doing spring cleaning! Owen looks like a great helper. It's fun watching him get bigger, even if it is a little sad! I can't wait to see the boys in the pool together! We need to get them matching floaties!
Love you.

Tracy said...

He is SOOO adorable! Post a picture of your nursery. I've only heard about it from Joy.