Saturday, May 31, 2008

Cake and a Movie!

This week my husband, Dustin turned 31. He wasn't all that thrilled about it. He was however thrilled about his birthday/father's day present. Owen and I bought him a brand new set of golf clubs. They were well needed. We also baked him a home made cake! I love to cook and do it all the time but I never really make sweets. I had never made a cake before Wednesday so I really had my fingers crossed! However, it turned out great! Owen couldn't really help a lot but he did enjoy eating the mix off of the spoon! It was cute but I had to toss everything into the wash straight away. It was worth it though for such cute photos!
We also had our monthly girls night out. We all went to Heather's house and watched P.S. I love you. It was a bit depressing, when I say a bit I mean a ton! ha! We were passing toilet paper all around the room (we didn't have enough tissue). It was a good movie, not one I would want to watch over and over, just because of the subject matter, but still good. Regardless, the best part was hanging out with a bunch of ladies and no men, no house, no work, and no diapers to change at least for a couple of hours.
The phabulous ladies!!!
Me, Lori and Joy! I threw this in to prove I was there cause I am not in the above photo! haha


Chris and Gretchen said...

FUN! Happy Birthday to yout hubby. Girl's night looks so fun. I was able to have one for awhile but unfortunately it hasn't happened lately. :(

The secret to putting my boys down is to have a strict ritual and swaddling them even though they are pretty old. Routine is- a snack,clean diaper, lights out, humidifier turned on (it's rather noisy) and rocking. That puts them out relatively easily. It helps that their room is really dark too. We don't have specific nap or bed times but doing the exact same thing every time works for my boys. :)

Heather & Adam said...

Happy Birthday to Dustin! Yeahhhh, they are starting to get less and less fun. Eek!
The movie IS depressing, but in the best, eat a pint of ice cream way. I loved having ya'll over. :)
Owen looks too cute!

Anonymous said...

It is such a blessing that you ladies have such a close connection. I have never seen (or heard of) that movie but it sounds like maybe I'll pass... I hate sad movies.