Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day Party and a Dead Computer!

This past Sunday was the annual Memorial Day Weekend Pool Party! It was a lot of fun swimming and playing. There were many more children there this year than just a couple of years ago. Owen enjoyed the water. It was a bit cold for May here but once he was used to the idea of it, he was all over the place. He was climbing in and out, running off the edge and splashing like a pro.

I sat there thinking about how fast all of our lives have changed. I do miss the mixed drinks, partying into the night, and occasional activities people dare not mention the next day! haha!
Oh well! Running after a toddler maybe not as relaxing or adventurous as those days but way more fun!

On another note, it was discovered today that my computer has a fooping foop foop virus!!!!! Now I am OCD enough to back up my images when I get home from a photoshoot or a wedding but, I have been working on a wedding I shot over a week ago for atleast 20 hours and have yet to backup the edited images!!! FOOP! FOOP! FOOP!

We shall soon see if I have to do ALL that work over again! Keep your fingers crossed!

This may soon be the fate of my computer!!!!!

Latest Computer Update:

Does this bride look peaceful and content???? She should! Why you ask? Cause I have the greatest husband/computer genius that saved her images from the evil Trojan virus!!! WOOOHOOO!
I am still going to have to purchase a new computer but atleast all my work was saved! Thank you to the computer gods!


Julie said...

I hope your computer is okay. I can't imagine doing all that work and losing any precious shots. I was thinking about your beautiful photos. Howsabout when you are too busy to blog you just present us with another one of your breathtaking images? Whadda ya think?
It's funny that you were talking about your life before. Steven and I were playing RISK today and drinking ginger ale. We thought...well at least when we get the kids we won't feel like we are missing any big partying activities, we already party like we are 93. Very convenient!
I am jealous of the pool! Old people like to swim too!

Julie said...


Heather & Adam said...

That was fooping close, huh!?
Glad Dustin was able to get the images back. Computers suck, but what the heck would we do without them?? Now I am going to be all paranoid and start backing up every day of editing. SIGH.
The party WAS different, but FUN! And think, in a few years, our kids won't want to hang with us all the time anymore. Party on! Hehe...

Catherine and Dustin said...

I agree Heather about the partying. Soon we will be the parents sipping margaritas and telling the kids to "go play"! hahaha

Gypsy said...

Kind of feels like we hit the fast forward button, doesn't it? I'm glad that we're all in the same parenting boat together though. Glad your pictures got saved, Long live the geeks!

Anonymous said...

Glad your work was saved; what a beautiful bride...

I have to say -- being a mom is definitely more fun than partying like a rock star. Don't get me wrong, that was fun too but at least I remember my good times now instead of having to get a report from those who didn't black out. LOL