Sunday, August 17, 2008

A day in the life of a wedding photographer

As I was going through the images from my weddings this weekend, yes I shot two weddings, I began to really think about what an unusual job I have. I really do love the act of shooting a wedding. It is a day that is always filled with joy and celebration. I never have a bad day, some may be more stressful than others but really I have a good time at all of them.

Here is a glimpse into my thoughts as a wedding photographer:

I imagine that I go to more weddings in a year than most people do in their entire lives (somewhere around 30 for 2008).

I am very organized and it is all business until the reception where I can let things unfold in front of me.

During the Mother and Son dance I always wonder what it will be like on the day I have to dance with Owen. The last act of him being mine alone.

I often feel invisible. I am in the thick of the conversations, laughter and celebration but do not take part in any of it. I am often not acknowledged and am given freedom to move in and out of the crowd. It is an unusual feeling, almost like watching a movie, seeing intimate moments of strangers without consequence.

I place increasing pressure on myself to be a better photographer.

Numbers of exposure times, ISOs, focal lengths and light outputs run through my mind constantly while shooting which makes it increasingly difficult to just let my self be creative.

I have a weird thing about photographing people taking photographs or looking at them. There is something about their desire to stop the moment forever that I want to capture.

I often dance as I am weaving in and out of the dance floor for those upclose party shots!

I will on many occasions sing along with the music.

I usually long for a martini but resist.

My neck aches after carrying 10lbs of equipment around my neck and on my hips for 9 hours.

I truly enjoy going through the completed photos, editing, and have a feeling of accomplishment when I see that one photo that captures the atmosphere of the whole wedding in a single shot!

I am lucky to have a job like this one. I am thankful for it.


Joy said...

You lead such a double life on wedding days!
I wanted to cry about you dancing with Owen at his wedding! Let's not think about him getting married it is too sad! We don't want him growing up so fast!

Becoming Kelly Wall said...

1. You better dance at my wedding.
2. You are a part of the intimate moments.
3. You better submit to your desire for at least one martini.

Catherine said...

You got it Kelly!


Heather & Adam said...

Can't forget the yummy food!
It's good to see you so happy in your career! :)

Julie said...

Wish I had known you when I got photographer did not eschew the martinis! Plural! She was drunk! The pics are pretty blurry.

I love your pics. I think you are incredibly talented.

Catherine said...

Thanks Julie! Let me know if you ever have a renewal of vows!

The_Engineer said...
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Thomas said...

Good post

Anonymous said...

What a great snapshot (pardon the pun) into your life as a photog. I am sitting at my desk about to summarize a deposition about a knee injury. Suffice it to say, I envy your career, and your talent.