Saturday, August 9, 2008

Biting Nails and Sleeping Alone....

This week has been very busy for everyone I know! So here is the quick rundown!

Sunday, August 3, Dustin left for LA and won't be back until Thursday August 14!!! I am not too happy about being alone for that long. I think it is beginning to effect Owen and I can tell he misses his Daddy.

Tuesday I spent the day scurring around for a sitter so that I could rush up to the hospital because Heather was in labor. It was a hurry up and wait situation. I took my uber camera so that I could get some decent shots for her and in return I got some interesting looks from others waiting in the lobby! haha Really the camera is huge! ha

Me biting my nails in anticipation!

Owen also received a baby pool from his Papa!

I have been meeting with clients and booked 2 more weddings for 2009! I am also trying to resist purchasing the new Nikon D700!!! Ha! I have a weakness for new cameras!

Today me and Owen are off to his cousins birthday party in Thomaston and tomorrow we are off to visit with Heather!!!!

It has been a tad bit insane around here and probably more so since I have been playing single Mom all week.


Becoming Kelly Wall said...

Sweet Camera! I want a Nikon for my b-day so I can sing "I got a Nikon Camera". It gets stunk in your head.

nosmallfeat said...

I want to play in the pool with Owen. That thing is SCHWWEEET!