Saturday, March 15, 2008

Babes and Balls!

Last night we had another girl's night out! My girlfriend's and I leave the husbands, babies and boyfriends at home one night a month to have our much needed girl time! We do something different each month but we always have a blast. The best thing about it for me isn't so much the activity but being able to hang with my ladies!

We went for high class this time and ate at the American Pie in the Walmart shopping center and then ventured across the street to the fabulous Magnolia Lanes Bowling! Hilarious! We all had a wonderful time and some outrageous photos! Please enjoy!

I wasn't doing to well and was willing to try anything at this point!

Me and Jessica! We are planning to spend much or our summer this way! :)

Go Laurie!

Kristin was super excited about her game!

Fight for it ladies!

Heather enjoying her own pitcher....just kidding! She didn't really drink it!!!!

Sisterly love!

Jessica's Heather imitation.....or maybe secret desire??? hmmmmm.


Jess Addison said...

I think the bowling ball will have to be good enough for now!! I had a blast!

Heather & Adam said...

This is a great entry, and it was a great night. How much fun are we allowed to have, really?
Love you and can't wait till Ab Phab takes on the ATL!