Sunday, March 23, 2008

Busy day...Tired Mama!

Easter was great!

I spent most of last night boiling and coloring eggs, which I completely forgot to take to the egg hunt today! I also sat at the kitchen table and filled 96 plastic eggs with juicy fruits, bottle caps and sweet tarts!

At 7:30am this morning the Easter Bunny had come.....Owen...not impressed! haha! Completely bypassed it for his breakfast!

We then spent much of the morning at church followed by an Easter Egg hunt. We ran home, ate lunch. took naps and then out the door again! This afternoon we trucked over to our friends' house for another Easter Egg hunt with all our friends and their children! Owen really was excited at the hunt this morning but by the afternoon it had lost it's sparkle and he spent most of his time running and playing (not picking up eggs)! We then came back home, scurrying to clean the house because Owen's Papa (Dustin's father) came by to visit! He came with gifts which Owen loved!

I am now truly exhausted! What a day!


Kelly said...

This was really cute. I enjoyed looking at your pictures on MySpace too. Isn't it funny what children get excited over and it always seems to be "the box" not the gift we slaved over. Ha ha!

Jess Addison said...

What a great day!! Hope you got some rest!

Julie said...

I'm saving my Peeps for you.