Sunday, March 23, 2008

Busy day...Tired Mama!

Easter was great!

I spent most of last night boiling and coloring eggs, which I completely forgot to take to the egg hunt today! I also sat at the kitchen table and filled 96 plastic eggs with juicy fruits, bottle caps and sweet tarts!

At 7:30am this morning the Easter Bunny had come.....Owen...not impressed! haha! Completely bypassed it for his breakfast!

We then spent much of the morning at church followed by an Easter Egg hunt. We ran home, ate lunch. took naps and then out the door again! This afternoon we trucked over to our friends' house for another Easter Egg hunt with all our friends and their children! Owen really was excited at the hunt this morning but by the afternoon it had lost it's sparkle and he spent most of his time running and playing (not picking up eggs)! We then came back home, scurrying to clean the house because Owen's Papa (Dustin's father) came by to visit! He came with gifts which Owen loved!

I am now truly exhausted! What a day!

Thursday, March 20, 2008


Ok so Heather tagged me.

So here it goes 10 random things you may or may not know about me:

1. I was an Oyama full contact karate fighter in my early to mid twenties. I fought with competitors from all over the globe and even have a couple of division trophies stuffed in my closet. I would go to Japan fest every year in Atlanta and do board breaking demonstrations. It was really cool when the little girl's would ask for my autograph! hehe

2. I have posed nude for fine art photographs and my body has been cast into a sculpture.

3. I have never flown on a plane. I have however ridden in a hot air balloon and on many boats.

4. I have a real fear of growing older. I think it is more about the fragility of life itself rather than the prospect of not being young.

5. I have sung on stage in front of thousands of people at the Omni in Atlanta (when I was a kid).

6. I began acting in plays with my father when I was just 5 years old.

7. I wish I was as successful and adventurous as I am in my head.

8. I was married before (yep I am now on my second marriage) to a musician and traveled on tour buses and met many interesting people. Mostly band members and artists. I once ticked off Lisa Loeb and Adam Ant. hehe

9. I have a real impulse to touch artworks that I see in galleries and museums. I have set off a few alarms in my day. :) I like to touch them because I feel that I am somehow connecting with the artist who used their own hands to create the work. It is indescribable.

10. My secret Hollywood crush....drum roll please......Tim Curry!

Tag your it:
Julie out in LA

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Babes and Balls!

Last night we had another girl's night out! My girlfriend's and I leave the husbands, babies and boyfriends at home one night a month to have our much needed girl time! We do something different each month but we always have a blast. The best thing about it for me isn't so much the activity but being able to hang with my ladies!

We went for high class this time and ate at the American Pie in the Walmart shopping center and then ventured across the street to the fabulous Magnolia Lanes Bowling! Hilarious! We all had a wonderful time and some outrageous photos! Please enjoy!

I wasn't doing to well and was willing to try anything at this point!

Me and Jessica! We are planning to spend much or our summer this way! :)

Go Laurie!

Kristin was super excited about her game!

Fight for it ladies!

Heather enjoying her own pitcher....just kidding! She didn't really drink it!!!!

Sisterly love!

Jessica's Heather imitation.....or maybe secret desire??? hmmmmm.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Play Dates And Scissors!

Owen is loving on Charlie or at least making an attempt to love on him!

Heather and I have been planning play dates for our boys once a week. They really have been so much fun! More fun than I expected! Not only do the boys get to bond, play, learn to share and socialize, Heather and I get to hang out and have some adult time (while still watching the boys of course)! Here are some photos!!!

Charlie and Owen playing together!

Owen and Charlie painting ! Yay!

Also this week Owen got his first professional haircut! I had attempted to do it myself twice but needless to say I am no cosmetologist! haha!

He did much better than I expected! No crying! A few whimpers here and there but overall a good experience!

Front view

Side view

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Picasso....ummmm more like Pollock!!!

Ok so it has been a super busy, activity filled weekend but I had to share this!!!!
Owen's first painting!!!!

Like his predecessor, Jackson Pollock, I think he enjoyed the activity of painting just as much as the finished product.

His Masterpiece!!!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Busy Day for Baby Owen......and Mom and Dad!!!

Me and Owen!

Today was a busy busy busy day! We took Owen to Kangaroo Kids. It is a place full of slides and ball pits, trampolines and tons more. I was all excited about taking him, this being one of those toddler activities I had wrote about earlier. Unfortunately it didn't quite turn out as planned. Although the ages listed say 1 year and up.....I think Owen was still a bit young for all of it. The slides made him nervous and the trampoline, mixed with all the other kids, terrified sad.
However he loved the ball pit!!! Yay!! Of course after all the trauma of the other contraptions Mommy had to get in with him, but it was fun. We sat there forever throwing the balls around and he loved swinging his legs and arms back and forth to make them fly all around him!

All in all it was a good day....oh wait.....that wasn't the end of it......

Me and Owen at the top of the slide. He looks nervous doesn't he?

He did like the kiddie toys in the baby area too.

Also today, once we got home from Kangaroo Kids, Daddy happily put Owen's swing set together! We attached his toddler swing and then he was off! He loved it! He smiled and laughed the whole time. I imagine this will become a regular activity for us, especially since the weather is really starting to warm up!

Daddy and Owen

Happy, yet exhausted Baby Owen!!!

On a side note, these are images of Owen's bedroom (for Tracey)!!:) All those years of art school paid off!!! haha